March 15, 2017

Bangladesh police has given a list of yaba producing factories to their counterparts in Myanmar, according to reports in the Bangladesh media.

The report also quoted Bangladesh police as saying that high officials from the Myanmar police have earlier not visited the country, thus creating a lack of communications which led to problems in “breaking the ice”.

The location of factories producing yaba pills are more or less publicly known. Bangladesh police has said they have been given assurances that Myanmar will take appropriate steps to halt yaba production.

However earlier lists given by law enforcement forces of Bangladesh have been ignored by Myanmar.  

Yaba consumption has boomed in Bangladesh in recent years leading to significant socio-economic problems in urban areas. 

It is widely known high ranking government and military officials in Myanmar are behind the lucrative trade of yaba pills.

In mid 2015, in response to a huge yaba overhaul in Bangladesh, Hlun Htein forces kidnapped a Bangladesh paramilitary soldier and subjected him to abuse in prison.


Incidentally, Myanmar is attending a high level police summit in Dhaka along with 14 other countries.

A bilateral meeting between Bangladesh and Myanmar police officials took place on Monday.