Myanmar government is going to establish an university at Buthidaung B section of the town area uprooting Rohingya  on 100 acres. The Rohingyas allege it is a strategy to seize their property which will eventually turn them homeless and banish them to the camps.

Preliminary, government was focusing to seize 50 acres of land but plans have been changed to expand to 150 acres. Sources say the expansion is a strategy to uproot Muslims from their homes and relocate them to camps.
In the past weeks, authorities in Buthidaung have informed Rohingyas in different villages that they will have to leave their homes and settle in camps which will be closely monitored and guarded by security forces.
Reports from different areas of Buthidaung indicate that the security forces are taking steps to reside all the Rohingyas of the township in a few camps, shutting them off from the outside world.