Sector 6 BGP forces have been stationed at the Mun Gala Khal bridge, connecting Tha Yai Gone Tan para and Saung Khaw La para, since November 20th. Similarly, authorities have been monitoring Rohingya movement across Shwezar bridge in Maungdaw as well, disrupting communication between it’s neighboring villages.
Such an obstruction, allowing only individuals with an NVC or VTP (village travel permission card) to travel between villages, has been severely hampering the trade flow, within the struggling Rohingya community.
Majority of the Rohingyas inhabited in different villages across Maungdaw do not happen to hold NVC’s, let alone VTP’s, and are hopelessly expecting to be disregarded as legit ‘residents’ of the Rakhine state of Myanmar, at any moment in the near future.