Village Chaiman U Kyaw Min Htu has started the construction of a Buddhist Shrine in Hpoe Shay Hamlet, Na Yan Gone area of Buthiduang, after the forceful acquisition of  Rohingya owned land. The construction work started at around 11am by building a fence across the 2.5 acre perimeter.
The rightful owners of the property, Abdul Mannan (s/o Abul Hashim), Omar Farowue (s/o Abdul Kayum), Zulekha (d/o Imam Hussain) and Gulzar (d/o Gulamiya), were first approached by Kyaw Min Htu on December 6th, one month prior to the incident, while his associates ‘marked’ the site by flagging the area. 
Naturally, the villagers were taken by surprise when construction started, devoid of any other notice in the meantime. To add to the horror, any queries regarding compensation payment was returned with threats of violence. As a result, the owners have fled the area. 
The rise of Buddhist nationalism over the past few years have led to similar incidents where Buddhist shrines were built on Muslim lands, whereas mosques and in some cases churches have been destroyed.