At Nayapara Registered camp, Cox’s Bazar; there are approximately 8,000 children inhabited with little to no education. These Children experienced only the adverse side of the world. They have encountered slavery, brutality, sexual violence and what not. In a way to heal and overcome their traumatic life recreational sports are must! Both indoor and outdoor sports will help develop their social interactions and will enhance their self esteem.

Unfortunately, there is nothing much for an outdoor activity in Refugee camps. As a result, the children are engaging in fights, getting into child labors and easily lured by illicit money. Authorities and NGOs should not neglect this upcoming alarming situation. It takes a little to prevent at the initial stage.

However now, we can see some hopes while witnessing the forming of pockets of football teams in the camp.

NGOs and sport associations should implement out door programs, like football and other sports. Perhaps this could be the only sanctuary for the deeply wounded Rohingya refugee children for the time been.