The process of supplying forge note among poor refugees unabatedly increasing and the newly arrived refugees are the most sufferers.

A poor Rohingya namely Abdul M. inmate of Zadi Mura Shalbagan makeshift camp 27 said, “On 25th May 2019 my son from Malaysia gave me 5000 tk through the process discount broker for Eid marketing. On 28th May 2019 I along with my youngest son went to the local market inside Mosoni camp for buying clothes and after finishing marketing when I gave the shopkeeper a note of 500 tk then he asked me to change it and I gave him another note, this time he scolded me and said where did you get this money from? These are counterfeit notes. Finally, he advised me to tear all of the forged notes and to go back home instantly”.

Most of the refugees recently came in Bangladesh are unknown on the fake currency notes. Using this advantage some scoundrel BKash traders and the discount brokers are doing forgery with money.

The concerned authorities should ensure awareness session among refugees on detecting counterfeit notes so that none is able to supply forge notes easily, he added.