An alarming situation is on uprising at Rohingya refugee camps because of a vested interest group who are involved in violence, murder, and human trafficking.

Recently, the police have sent 16 recommendations to relevant quarters to ensure security in the Cox’s Bazar Rohingya camps.
The 16 point recommendations include – stoppage of holding indiscriminate illegal markets, forming of a valid guideline for bazaars, placement of light posts and CCTV cameras, stopping the use of illegal SIMs by Rohingyas, the establishment of barbed wire fences and ensuring the presence of rehabilitation official at the camps at night.

According to several sources, at night the situation of the camps becomes precarious. Additionally, they mentioned that the lack of electricity and infrastructure is the main cause.

Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan said: “Unless Myanmar repatriates the Rohingyas, they may become victims of international terrorism, which will threaten not only Bangladesh but the whole world.”

Recommendations have been made to improve communication, power, CCTV and barbed wire fences said the Cox’s Bazar police in charge.

Photo credit Nahid Sultan