Myanmar’s genocide has changed the life of young Rohingya children. Even the great celebration day, like the Eid al-Fitr, does not make any changes in their life.

Thousands of Rohingyas been murdered and villages in rows have been burned to ashes by the Burmese military in 2017. Such horrendous and frightful event still haunts the Rohingya orphans and children.

Rokeya Zannat (8) daughter of late Amir Hamza who died in the massacre of 2017 now staying at Hleda camp 25 with her mother stated, “When I was at my homeland Arakan, my father used to buy me new cloths for me on Eid. My Eid used to pass happily. But here in Bangladesh refugee camp, I have no father and nobody can replace my father. Today I am passing eid day like any other normal day.”

“We had limitations to visit during Eid day in our homeland due to government restrictions. We couldn’t enjoy the day freely as other Muslims enjoy it in their homeland,” said Rokeya’s mother.

She continued, “This is the first time I am enjoying Eid-ul-Fitr freely and fearlessly. Although I couldn’t buy clothes for my children, still I am happy. Enjoying Eid-ul-Fitr is a religious right for all Muslims and every Rohingyas who had escaped junta’s genocidal operation had a chance to enjoy that right properly in their refuge. We are much grateful and thankful to Bangladesh government, honorable PM Shiekh Hasina and the Bangladeshi people for this opportunity” said Rokeya’s mother.