On June 11th around 11:00 a. m. the representative of European Union Human Right Commissioner Eamon Gilmore visited the Kutupalong Refugee camp, Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh.

Following his visit, he met 10 Rohingya men and had a conversation regarding their social issues. During the discussion, the Rohingya men expressed that they want citizenship and ethnic rights, return to their place of origin, compensation, and accountability.

The Commissioner also visited the “ Soap making center” at Block D-5 transit camp of Kutupalong Refugee camp.

Mr. Gilmore concluded his visit by saying, “We have already provided quite a lot of assistance in particular levels, diplomatic levels and also financial support through a humanitarian arm. The EU delegation will visit the Rohingya camps soon. The situation in Cox’s Bazar and the issue of the Rohingya repatriation will be part of the formal dialogue which the EU will hold with Myanmar later this week.”