10th Session of the Council of Foreign Ministers of OIC Final Communique

F Alam
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10th Session of the Council of Foreign Ministers of OIC Final Communique.pdf

1. In accordance with the Resolution adopted by the Ninth Islamic Conference of Foreign
Ministers held in Dakar, (the Republic of Senegal) and in response to the kind invitation
extended by the Kingdom of Morocco, the Tenth Islamic Conference of Foreign Ministers was
held in Fez, Kingdom of Morocco from, 10-14 Jumad Al Thani 1399 H. (8-12 May1979).
2. The Conference was preceded by a preparatory meeting of senior officials of Member
States to consider the Conference agenda.
3. The following countries participated in the Conference: Republic of Afghanistan, People’s
Democratic Republic of Algeria, State of Bahrain, People’s Republic of Bangladesh, United
Republic of Cameroun, Republic of Chad, Federal Islamic Republic of Comoro, Republic of
Djibouti, Republic of Gabon, Republic of the Gambia, Popular Revolutionary Republic of
Guinea, Republic of Guinea Bissau, Republic of Indonesia, Islamic Republic of Iran, Republic
of Iraq, Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, State of Kuwait, Republic of Lebanon, Socialist
People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, Malaysia, Republic of Maldives, Republic of Mali, Islamic
Republic of Mauritania, Kingdom of Morocco, Republic of Niger, Sultanate of Oman, Islamic
Republic of Pakistan, Palestine (PLO), State of Qatar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Republic of
Senegal, Democratic Republic of Somalia, Democratic Republic of Sudan, Syrian Arab
Republic, Republic of Tunisia, Republic of Turkey, Republic of Uganda, State of United Arab
Emirates, Republic of Upper Volta, Yemen Arab Republic and Yemen People’s Democratic
4. The Conference was attended by the following countries and organizations in their
capacity as observers or guests.