Irrefutable Rohingya (Denial of it is a way to Genocide)


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Irrefutable Rohingya (Denial of it is a way to Genocide)

By Aung Aung (Sittwe) — Yangon University Graduate Student , Arakan, Myanmar (Burma)

The United Nations has long characterized Myanmar’s Rohingya as one of the World’s most persecuted minorities and Myanmar consistently denies their existence or considering them illegal immigrants from Bangladesh. They have been being kept in ghetto-like villages-encompassing restrictions on religious freedom, forced displacement and denial of equal citizenship rights; has not only exasperated the humanitarian crises confronting the Rohingya but also threatens to undermine democracy transition and commit crimes against humanity.

Emphasize original inhabitants of Arakan, who are Indo-Aryan, and their survival language as a form of Rohingya dialect. Almost, all historians concertedly agree on the fact that native of Arakan were Indo-Aryan, and the Rakhine are Tibeto-Burman. To understand the nature of Rohingya problem, it is necessary to see the historical background of Myanmar dictators who violated their own laws as well as international laws. All human beings should be equal before the law; implementing particular laws for the particular people in a country is not only illegitimate but also a crime against humanity. Improving a community is possible only by elevating the young generations to the rank of humanity, not by obliterating the bad one; spreading propaganda against other faiths or races will harm stability and prosperity of the country.

I am trying to show the clear picture of two main ethnic groups live in Arakan, their features, languages, beliefs, and developments. How did Tibeto-Burman overcome Indo-Aryan, how did native Arakanese become stateless? Who committed crimes against humanity and why? What makes Rohingya so weak that they cannot stand in their own land? What are the root causes of violence in Arakan and how can we make a peaceful and healthy multi-cultural society in Arakan?

Those who are full of bad feelings and whose souls are influenced by the egoism look like human beings, whether they really are human is doubtful. Rules and regulation are beneficial to guarantee human happiness and help us attain true humanity while the apartheid policy destroys human dignity. Humanity is like a tree, and nations are its branches, denying a nation for its biological and ideological differences harms existence of the tree. Denying Rohingya and their legitimate rights of citizenship, Myanmar authority has committed crimes against humanity, ethnic cleansing, and Genocide against Rohingya. Persecution, Ethnic cleansing, crimes against humanity and Genocide against Rohingya will never end without actions of Genociders. I will explain two aspects of institutionalized violations; legal rights of Rohingya and historical evidence that will show you who are aborigine of Arakan, irrefutable Rohingya throughout the history of Arakan, Burma.

In Northern Arakan, indigenous people of Rohingya are under persecution. Those who entered from East Pakistan are Buddhists. Muslim in Arakan are indigenous people of Arakan. A commission was formed to investigate the conflict between Rakhine and Rohingya Mr. Sultan Ahmed and Mr. Abdul Gaffar were members of the commission. 957AD, Shan attacked Arakan and destroyed Vaisali city. 794, King Nga Min Nga-ton of Sakma became king and shifted capital from Viasali to Lemro 1404. Min Saw Mon was king of Lungkyat.

In 1973, immigration and Man power Department of Burma announced infliction of 144 indigenous people list and on 23 February 1973, state newspapers wrote 143 name of indigenous ethnic group in which Rohingya were mentioned as Cittagonian. Arab and Persian merchants came to Arakan in 8 Century. King of Arakan, Naremit Hla refuges in king of Bengal Gaur for 26 years.

State’s currency coin of Arakan were produced with Islamic Kalimah, ”There is no god but Allah” in Arabic. Coins of King Ali Sha and Elyas Shah are in Persian script. Dr. Khin Maung Nyunt, Historian, wrote ”due to preach of Arabs Islam spread in Arakan, among the slaves brought by Portuguese to Arakan, there were highly educated persons who were sold to Muslim community in Arakan. During Mrauk U Dynasties many people were converted to Islam and built Mosques.

Denying Rohingya’s existence, claiming there is no Muslim indigenous ethnic in Myanmar, propagating Rohingya as illegal immigrants from Bangladesh recently, are insulting Myanmar history and prominent historians who dedicated their lives and precious times in writing and researching history of Arakan. Denial of their own historical facts, primary resources, and documents by the State is Neo-Fascist attitude for the elimination of Rohingya and committing Rohingya Genocide.



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