The Rohingyas: A Short Account Of Their History And Culture


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Dr. Abdul Karim Professor Abdul Karim M.A. Ph.D. (Dhaka), Ph.D. (London), FASB, was born at village Chapachari, P.S. Banskhali, in the district of Chittagong, Bangladesh. He was educated in the Chittagong Islamic Intermediate College, Dhaka and London Universities. He was in the teaching staff of the Dhaka and Chittagong Universities and was for same years a senior Fellow in the Rajshahi University. He, in turn, occupied the posts of Professor of History, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Vice-Chancellor of the Chittagong University. He has so far published 29 books (9 in English and 20 in Bengali) and more than 200 articles both in Bengali and English. Professor Karim was honoured by various national and international institutions.


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