First CRC Case filed over violent pushback of Rohingya child

In a case of first impression, a Rohingya child has a filed a complaint with the Convention the Rights of the Child Committee against Croatia and Slovenia for engaging in a chain of violent pushbacks. A “pushback” is where a government forces refugees and migrants out of their territory.  

The child, referred to as “U.F.” was separated from their family after the 2017 genocidal purge which took place in the Arakan. The child eventually ended up in Bosnia and Herzegovina where the child was then pushed back and forth between Croatia and Bosnia and subjected to violence. The child also suffered the same behavior between Croatia and Slovenia, where finally the child was pushed back to Bosnia.

Using digital evidence, U.F. was able to corroborate what happened and complaints were filed by multiple partners to the Convention on the Rights of the Child Committee. While this is a significant first step for a Rohingya child, it should also be noted that Myanmar, where the child is from, is a party to the Convention on the Rights of the Child. The Committee on the Rights of the Child have previously documented in a report the deteriorating conditions Rohingya children were facing prior to the events of 2017.

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