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Invitation to the Rohingya youths for Human Rights training

Rohingya Khobor (RK) is inviting Rohingya refuge youths to join its one-day human rights training. The objective of this training is to provide a basic concept of human rights including UDHR. What will you learn in this training? Human rights and UDHRCivil and...

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Abdul Habes age 9 missing

Abdul Habes age 9, son of Md Amin and Nur Baher is missing since 6 October 2020. He is from Lambasia camp, block D. The name of camp mazi is Md Zubair. If anyone see him please contact the following number...





What is our future?
Photo Source: Rohingya Khobor


Humaira’s endless agony

Humaira’s endless agony

Inside a small bamboo makeshift, Humaira Begum, a Rohingya survivor, who's face was draped with a pink Lummal (scarf), recounted the evening when her family left their homeland Myanmar. Humaira was only 15 when the Myanmar military attacked her village. While Humaira...



Refugee hut damaged in heavy wind and rain In Bangladesh refugee camp

Today morning heavy wind and rain wrecked refugee shelters in Rohingya refugee camp, Bangladesh. "On 24/10/2020, Saturday morning heavy rain and wind blew over the camps and left many refugee shelters damaged", says Mohammed Rofique, block mazi of camp 10. Lal Mia,...

Malaysia’s Rohingya refugee field hospital has been closed down

Today Malaysian authority has stated that they will shut down the operation of their field hospitals in the Rohingya refugee camp in Cox's Bazar due to reduction of patients. The hospital was originally planned to shut down by December 2021. According to the Malaysian...

Rohingya youths start a blood donation campaign in the refugee camps of Cox’s Bazar

On 20 October, the Rohingya Youth Association (RYA) started a blood donation campaign in social media with the slogan - "Your health and well-being is our responsibility." RYA initiated this campaign in response to the dire need for blood donation in the refugee camps...

Refugee children are anxious to return to school

Schools have been closed in Rohingya refugee camps since 19th March 2020 due to COVID-19 pandemic. "We are very happy to see the children of the host community continuing their education online and we are hoping if our children could get any such alternative options...

Rohingya refugees observe world handwashing day

Today Rohingya youths and teenagers commemorated world handwashing day at block-E of camp 26 and held a session on how to wash hands properly, according to Mohammed Siraj, a refugee elder from block E of camp-26. "Refugees are in a state of anxiety during COVID-19...