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Bangladesh provides US$500,000 for the Rohingya ICJ case

On 28th November 2020, Bangladesh has provided a sum of $500,000 to the Gambia for the support of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) case concerning the Rohingya people. The contribution was handed at the ongoing 47th OIC foreign ministerial meeting of the...

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Md Arof, age 12 missing

Md Arof, age 12, son of Shobbir Ahammed and Romida Begum is missing since Tuesday 24 November 2020. He is from Kutupalong camp 7, block E3, hill (4). The name of camp mazi is Abdul Hamid. If anyone see him please contact the following number...

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326 Covid19 Positive Cases and 9 Death in the Rohingya Refugee Camp

326 Covid19 Positive Cases and 9 Death in the Rohingya Refugee Camp

This page contains the latest update of the Covid-19 positive cases based on the available information in the public domain. WHO CXB COVID-19 update as of 27 Oct 202027 additional cases from Cox's Bazar district including 9 new cases from FDMN/Rohingya Refugees tested...

Ms Kismot Ara, age 15 missing

Ms Kismot Ara, age 15, daughter of Abul Kalam and Maimona Khatun is missing since 10 October 2020. She is from Nayapara Registered camp, block H, MRC no 50618, shed no 627/3. The name of camp chairman is Mv Motlob. If anyone see her please contact the following number...





What is our future?
Photo Source: Rohingya Khobor


Humaira’s endless agony

Humaira’s endless agony

Inside a small bamboo makeshift, Humaira Begum, a Rohingya survivor, who's face was draped with a pink Lummal (scarf), recounted the evening when her family left their homeland Myanmar. Humaira was only 15 when the Myanmar military attacked her village. While Humaira...



The struggle of an 11 year Rohingya refugee

Kurban Ali (11) son of Abdus Salam a refugee residing in Bangladesh refugee camp. He is the eldest son of the family consisting of 6 members. His father has severe chronic pain and is not able to earn enough for the family. Kurban Ali said," I am a student of class...

UNHCR started to build new shelters in the old registered Rohingya refugee camp

UNHCR has started construction of new shelters in the Nayapara registered...

TIKA starts to distribute winter food items amongst Rohingya refugees

On Monday, The Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) carried out a five-day humanitarian aid distribution campaign in the Rohingya refugee camp. A variety of food items were distributed to 5,000 Rohingya families. Ismail Gundogdu, the state-run aid body’s...

Three Rohingya youth wins prestigious photography award

Today, three Rohingya youth has won the prestigious “Shorty Award” organised by Fortify Rights and Doha Debates. Dil Kayas, Omal Khair and Azimul Hasson who lives in Bangladesh refugee camps won the photography competition and received the top honour in the category...

Bangladesh: Plan to relocate hundreds of Rohingya to remote island must be dropped – Amnesty

The Bangladeshi authorities must abandon plans to relocate more than 100 Rohingya families to a remote island in the Bay of Bengal which has not yet been declared safe for human habitation by the United Nations and where many refugees are still reluctant to relocate,...