Men and boys ‘marched away to death’ in Nan Chaung, little girls raped in Kyari Prang, more deaths in Ludaing

November 19, 2016

Tatmadaw forces raided Nan Chaung in Maungdaw North where they raped around 25 women, and arrested Rohingya civilians, saying they were being taken to be shot.

On Saturday, around 250 soldiers entered the village while firing from their guns. As the Tatmadaw entered the village, Rohingyas scattered and ran in different directions but the Tatmadaw managed to apprehend many of them. They were taken to an open field of the local school. Here around 25 women were taken away and gang raped.

Some of the victims say as many as four men raped them.

Later, the Tatmadaw forced all the male members into the trucks. Some of those taken away were young boys as old as 10. When the women asked where they were being taken to, an officer replied they were being taken away to be shot. The army trucks were also loaded with valuables looted from Rohingya houses.

Most of the men had however managed to run away when the army entered the village tract.

Four killed in Ludaing

A Tatmadaw force entered Ludaing (Doe Tan) at around 4pm on Saturday and started shooting at fleeing villagers. A teenage girl fell when she was hit with a bullet. Soldiers then moved towards her and finished her off from close range with two more bullets. She has been identified as Obaida Begum (d/o Abdul Karim).

Another man killed in the gunfire has been identified as 22 year Md Yunus (s/o Abu Salam).

Amid the ongoing gunfire, a mother was running across a narrow plank when two infant children fell into the river and floated away. They are presumed to be dead.

Some sources say the actual death toll is higher.

Minor girls raped in Kyari Prang, one of them in critical condition

The entire village tract of Kyari Prang was earlier burned down during the first week of the ongoing crackdown and some of the most horrendous atrocities of the first phase of the operations were committed in this area.

Since then, some of the villagers who did not have anywhere else to go came back and made plastic shelters. However, on Friday at around 4pm, Tatmadaw entered the Luti Prang (Lu Pan Pyin) neighbourhood of Kyari Prang where they surrounded some of the Rohingyas living in plastic shelters, while others managed to run away. Four women, and four underage girls were taken away and raped. The victims say they were raped by multiple soldiers.

A 10 year girl is in critical condition.

Locals say they heard the screamings of some of the women as they cried out in pain.

Rohingyas chased out of Bor Gazi Bil 

While most of those who had fled the village tracts of Sau Raw Gazi Bil, Ra Bai La and Bor Gazi Bil are camped near Mun Gala, around 30 families had camped in the otherwise deserted and mostly destroyed Bor Gazi Bil. However on Friday, Tatmadaw entered the area once again and chased them away.

More than a hundred people are estimated to have been killed during the last weekend in these three village tracts and Sa Li Frang when Tatmadaw attacked the area with helicopters and rocket launchers.

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