Zutuk- the emerging disease in the Rohingya refugee camp

Dowry known as “Zutuk” is an emerging problem in the Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh. Most of the Rohingya refugees in the camp depend mostly on the support of international assistance and support and there are limited opportunities to work and earn.

Thus giving dowry or Zutuk, becomes a severe burden on the parents.

There are many cases of dowry deaths. In other cases, Rohingya women are being tortured (mentally and physically), abused or lead to death for dowry.

In order to prevent dowry, ” Awareness ” is the main key. People should be educated to avoid taking dowry and as well as giving dowry.

The religion of Islam completely prohibits such acts. Imams, Majhis, teachers, social figures and individuals can come forward to stop this heinous act.

let us all stand against Zutuk and eliminate these diseases from the Rohingya society.

And those who are active in social media may use the videos available in the internet to campaign against Zutuk/Dowry.

The following is a beautiful video on dowry surfing in the internet:


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