A Rohingya shot dead after caught in the crossfire of AA and Military feud

Yesterday, A Rohingya man named Abdu Korim (47) son of Abdu Munaf was killed by multiple gunshots as the clash between Arakan Army and Myanmar Military took place near Buthidaung Township.

The deceased was an inhabited of Thar Beik Taung village, Buthidaung. According to a source, a villager from Harankhali village stated that, Inhabitants were forced to leave their houses as the aimless gun fires from both sides continued without interruption.

Armyat Taung Village of Rathedaung is also under attack for one week. The civilians were forced to leave their houses and moved to other villages.

While the Rohingyas are imprisoned in their own houses due to extreme hostilities and restrictions of the government, the war between AA and the military added a new layer of misery. Mostly because the Myanmar military does not abide by many war conventions and norms.