Bangladesh PM urges International Leaders to end Rohingya crisis at the 76th UNGA session

On 4th October, Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said, Rohingya crisis is the creation of Myanmar and its solution also depends on Myanmar. The PM went for a visit to New York on 19th September to attend the 76th UNGA in person which was her maiden foreign tour after two years since the COVID-19 outbreak.

The Prime Minister further said, “The issue of the Rohingya crisis and its permanent solution was discussed elaborately in the UNGA session which I believe will (help) continue global pressure on Myanmar for taking back their Rohingya nationals from Bangladesh.”

Sheikh Hasina said this in a written statement while briefing about the outcome of Bangladesh’s participation in the 76th UNGA session. She also urged all (participating leaders) to emphasize on few issues and those are as follows :

A. Prioritizing the repatriation highest, all activities have to be conducted for this purpose.

B. To find out a permanent solution to the Rohingya crisis through repatriation despite the changed political situation in Myanmar.

C. ASEAN countries should play an effective role in creating a favourable environment for the repatriation of Rohingyas to Myanmar.

D. Take and implement effective measures and projects to create a favourable environment for the repatriation of Rohingyas to Myanmar by the UN and development partners.

E. To co-operate in the ongoing process in ICJ and other international organizations to ensure justice for the violence and ethnic cleansing of the Rohingya.

She finished her speech by saying, “Only a safe, sustainable and dignified repatriation (of Rohingyas) to their homeland in Rakhine State can be a permanent solution to this crisis.”


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