Abubakar Ba Tambadou resigns

Mr Abubakar Ba Tambadou who has filed a case in the International Court of Justice(ICJ) for the Rohingya people against Myanmar was highly praised worldwide. He is a hero of the Rohingya people.

Mr Abubakar has recently submited his resignation from his current post as Attorney General and Minister of Justice and he will cease from that post on 30 June 2020. He would probably join the United Nation.

President Barrow praised Tambadou as a selfless patriot who “successfully initiated and diligently executed several of the government’s key governance reform activities” among them the establishment of the Constitutional Review Commission, the Truth, Reconciliation and  Reparations Commission, and the National Human Rights Commission, among others,” according to apanews reporting.

“Mr Abubakar shall always be remembered by the Rohingyas,” said a refugee. While another refugee comments, “We are sure, brother Abubakar will do something for us where ever he goes. We always pray for his success and good life.”

Mr Dawda A. Jallow will replace his position and will assume office on 1 July 2020.