ECW announces $250,000 emergency response grant for Rohingya refugees

Education Cannot Wait (ECW) on Tuesday announced a $250,000 emergency response grant to rebuild learning centres for the victims of the recent fires in the refugee camp. BRAC and partners will be executing the project.

The ECW fund will provide 12 months of targeted response to 5,000 refugees affected by the recent fire. The project will focus mainly on girls and disabled children. The fund will also enable rebuilding education centres and provide mental health services.

“Before the fires, Rohingya refugee children and youth had already lived through horrific traumas. They have fled through the night and lost loved ones. They’ve been targeted for attacks. They’ve been kidnapped. Girls have been raped and faced unspeakable attacks,” said Yasmine Sherif, director of ECW, the UN’s global fund for education in emergencies.

“These devastating fires displaced over 45,000 people – half of whom are girls and boys. Many now only have the clothes on their backs. To build back better, we are supporting smaller local organizations such BRAC to provide these children and youth with the protection and hope that quality learning environments provide,” she added.

In addition, the new fund will support rebuilding required learning centres, reconstruct toilet facilities and essential steps to prevent the spread of COVID-19, and reduce the risk of disasters, fire extinguishers, first aid equipment and required training on disaster risk reduction will be provided