Foreign Companies in Joint Ventures with MEHL and MEC

The UN Fact Finding Mission found that at least 15 foreign companies have joint ventures with Tatmadaw businesses, MEHL and MEC. Through such joint ventures, the Mission found that any foreign business activity involving the Tatmadaw and its conglomerates MEHL and MEC poses a high risk of contributing to, or being linked to, violations of human rights law and international humanitarian law. At a minimum, these foreign companies are contributing to supporting the Tatmadaw’s financial capacity. The Mission recommends that no business enterprise active in Myanmar or trading with or investing in businesses in Myanmar should enter into or remain in a business relationship of any kind with the Tatmadaw, or any enterprise owned or controlled by them, including subsidiaries, until and unless the Tatmadaw is restructured and transformed as recommended by the Mission. These enterprises include in particular MEHL and MEC and all of their subsidiaires and business relationships. The Mission identified a further 44 foreign companies which have other forms of commercial ties with Tatmadaw businesses. These businesses are listed in Annex V to the report.