5,600 detainees released by Myanmar Military after the General excluded from ASEAN

Yesterday, Myanmar Military Chief General Ming Aung Hlaing has ordered to release of over 1,300 people who were detained for participating in anti-coup protest campaigns earlier this year. Also, 4,300 detainees, who were facing charges for their anti-regime activism have also been released.

According to the Myanmar Military statement, if the following 5,600 detainees plot crimes against the Military, they will be charged and re-arrested. The statement says, “If they commit crimes again, they will have to serve the remaining sentences in addition.”

Some 24 artists and 10 celebrities who were facing lawsuits for their role in anti-regime movements had the cases against them closed. But those charged with bombings or destroying public property were excluded from the release.

Earlier on 30th June, the regime also released over 2,200 detainees, most of them had been charged with incitement for joining anti-regime protests.

As of Saturday, 9,028 people, including elected government leaders, have been detained since the coup while 1,178 people were killed by Myanmar Military during their raids, crackdowns, arrests, interrogations and random shootings said the Assistance Association for Political Prisoners.


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