Arakan Army will continue its establishment at Arakan State

Arakan Army will try to continue their settlement at Rakhine state in order to expand, stated by Khine Thuka spokesperson of AA; Adding it is their main goal.

After yesterday’s press conference at Naypyidaw capital where Brigadier General Zaw Min Tun said, “We will not accept the fact of the settlement of AA at Rakhine state, we strongly disagree with that.”

Following to that Khine Thuka added, “AA will not accept the fact that Myanmar government will not allow us to settle in Rakhine State cause previously Arakan was an independent state and Arakan Army must be present to look after.”

On that, Myanmar political analyzers stated that, if the Myanmar military hampers on the settlement of AA at Arakan state then the situation might be terrible as AA will do anything to hold their position.

At present, including the AA, KIA, TNLA, MNDAA was united by NCA (National Ceasefire Agreement) also known as ethnic armed organizations to sign up on ceasefire agreement.