Bangladesh FM asked Myanmar to take back Rohingyas

On Wednesday, Bangladesh Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen stated to the media addressing Myanmar, “There is no need for construction of houses for the Rohingya. Please take them back first.”

The recent report of BBC which evidently unfolded after 2017 the Myanmar government has deliberately erased Rohingya villages to construct police barracks, government buildings and refugee relocation camps and referring to that the FM urged “When we returned from India, we did not think whether we had our homes here. The Pakistan army destroyed our homes, and we built those again after return.” After the 1971 liberation war between Pakistan and Bangladesh, many Bangladeshi took shelter in the neighbouring countries predominantly in India, but the Bangladeshis has returned to their homeland after the war.

After two failed attempts of repatriation of Rohingyas the FM solely blames Myanmar for their lack of inquisitiveness. “When the Rohingya came here, they did not think about their homes. They fled. When they start returning, they will build homes there (in Myanmar) themselves. How will it be possible if they don’t return?” he questioned to the media.