Yesterday, while meeting the Chair of UK All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina mentioned Myanmar to take back Rohingyas.

The PM stated that “Rohingyas are a big burden for Bangladesh. Local people of Cox’s Bazar have to face sufferings because of them (Rohingyas). Myanmar should take their citizens back.”

UK Conservative Friends of Bangladesh (CFoB) and the delegation of UK APPG on Population, Development and Reproductive Health was also present in the meeting.

Recalling the memory of 1971, Sheikh Hasina mentioned some 10 million Bangladeshis had taken shelter as refugees in India during the war. And now after 46 years, Bangladesh has also provided shelter to the Rohingyas on humanitarian ground.

Earlier, the UK delegation visited the Rohingya camps in Cox’s Bazar and handed over a written report to the Prime Minister where the visiting team said the condition in the Rohingya camps has improved remarkably within the last two years whereas the UK APPG appreciated Bangladesh for the introduction of birth control policy.

Rohingya genocide is an ongoing one and it did not stop yet. The latest report from the UN fact-finding mission illustrates the misery and dire condition of the only 625,000 Rohingyas who remained in Myanmar.