Embassy of Canada: Press Release on Myanmar Election 2020

Embassy of Canada – Yangon
11 Nove1nber 2020

Although flawed and constrained by the constitutional framework, the security and public health situation, Canada recognizes that the elections in Myanmar, held on November 8, are an important next step in Myanmar’s ongoing democratic transition.

These elections, the first to be organized by a democratic government, offered most people the opportunity to peacefully exercise their democratic rights. We regret, however, that this opportunity was not afforded to all. We were deeply disappointed to see that some ethnic groups were deprived of their right to vote during this election, including the Rohingya. Their full inclusion and participation in the electoral process is essential in order to bring lasting peace and reconciliation in Myanmar. We call on Myanmar’s new government to hold by-elections as soon as possible in areas, where polling did not occur and take steps to revise citizenship laws to end the disenfranchisement of its people.

It is essential that the newly-elected government of Myanmar commit itself to the respect of human rights of all people and to an inclusive peace process to end the violence that has inflicted so much misery on the people of Myanmar, heal divisions and realize the shared aspirations of all the peoples of Myanmar for a free, just and democratic society.

Canada remains committed to, working with the newly-elected civilian government to support continued reform in pursuit of Myanmar’s aspirations for full democracy, peace and human rights protections for all its people.