European Parliament (EP) is concerned about the Rohingya crisis

On Thursday, the European Parliament (EP), embraced a resolution after making an overall assessment on the human right situation of Rohingyas in Myanmar.

Members of European Parliament (MEPs) also welcomed the decision of the Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, ICC, to open a prelude investigation into crimes under the Court’s jurisdiction committed against the Rohingya population since 2016.

Members of EP and MEPS urged the Myanmar Government and their military forces to stop violations against Rohingyas immediately. The recent report of the UN’s Fact-finding mission clearly stated that about 600,000 Rohingyas living in Myanmar are in grave danger. The members assured Bangladesh to provide refuge and security to Rohingya refugees.

EP has commended the efforts taken by Bangladesh and requested her “to guarantee full and discrimination-free access to quality education for Rohingya children, to lift restrictions on access to the internet and online communications and to freedom of movement, and to ensure that the security forces operating in the camps uphold all standards to protect refugees’ personal security ”