Football match tomorrow – Canadian Rohingya FC and The United States Rohingya SC

On Saturday, for the first time, a friendly soccer match has been organised by “Rohingya Social Event and a Unity Soccer Tournament” between the Canadian Rohingya FC and The United States Rohingya SC at Victoria Park and Woodside Park in Kitchener, Ontario. The event start from 1 p.m. Canadian time.

About 800 Rohingyas are inhabited in Canada and more than 400 lives in Kitchener-Waterloo. Following the soccer tournament, the Rohingya communities, along with other diverse community members from around Kitchener-Waterloo and Greater Toronto area will gather at the social event.

The following event will lend a hand to bond new connections between the two communities. Sports were an important vehicle towards bonding and fostering social integration. As the 2nd anniversary of the Rohingya Genocide takes place on 25th August 2019, this event will encourage to reinforce Rohingya unity across borders.

The chief guests of the event are MP of Kitchener Mr Raj Saini, Marwan Tabbara and the acting Mayor of Kitchener Sarah Marsh. Also, there will be community leaders from diverse backgrounds and civil society organizations to support the very first Canadian-American Rohingya football event.