On Sunday, a team of young lawyers lead by a Burmese law Professor Yee Mon Htun ( Clinical Instructor and Lecturer) from Harvard school of law conducted a training program for the Rohingya Youth Association (RYA). The program was followed by another training session on Monday which was conducted at Kutupalong Refugee camp for Rohingya Women Welfare Society (RWWS).

The goal behind their training session was to provide knowledge to Rohingyas specifically to Rohingya youths and women regarding International Human Rights, Women’s Rights, International Accountability Mechanisms and Repatriation.

The training covered the principles of Human rights (Inherent, Individual, Inalienable, Universal and Interlink of Human Rights) and also the basic of Women Rights (violence , slavery and discrimination, to be educated, to own property, to vote and to earn a fair and equal wage).

The term Repatriation has also been explained and discussed and how it applies to diplomatic envoys, international officials as well as expatriates and migrants in time of international crisis. Whereas for refugees, asylum seekers and illegal migrants, repatriation can mean either voluntary return or deportation.

This training program was highly valued by Rohingya youths and women.

Finally, the training has concluding covering the following topics:

  • IIMM(International Investigation Mechanism for Myanmar), a United Nation Human right council delegated mechanism,
  • IIMM is the success of FFM (fact-finding mission),
  • Evidence gathered by IIMM can be used for ICC, ICJ, universal jurisdiction and other accountability mechanisms.