Annex D to the Application pursuant to Rule 103(1) of the Rules of Procedure & Evidence Situation in the People’s Republic of Bangladesh/Republic of the Union of Myanmar


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Annex D to the Application pursuant to Rule 103(1) of the Rules of Procedure & Evidence Situation in the People’s Republic of Bangladesh- Republic of the Union of Myanmar.PDF

Pursuant to the Arangement on Return of the Displaced Persons from Rakhine
Etate, herein after referred to as ’Artangement’, signed by the Union Minister for the
Office of the State Counsellor of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar and Minister
of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh on 23 November 20T7 at
Nay Pyi Taw, and Terms of Reference(TOR) for the Joint Working Group on the
Repatriation of Displaced Myanmar Residents fi’om Bairgladesh, herein after referred
to as ’ TOR’, signed by the Senior Officials from both countries on 19 December 2017
at Dhaka, Myanmar and Bangladesh agreed to the follorving physical arrangernent :-
1. This physical anangement is to receive the verified Myanmar residents who
have crossed over to Bangladesh after 9 October 2016 and 25 August 2017. The
repatriation of Myanmar residents who crossed over to Bangladesh before October
2016 wili be considered separately on the conclusion of the present arcangement for
2. Myanmar wili establish fwo reception centers for the safe and voluntary retum
and Bangladesh will establish five transit camps in order to faciiitate easy repatriation
of the duly verified Myanmar residents. The transit camps in Bangladesh and
reception centers in Myanmar will be located as under:
Nayap ara
The number of transit camps
the need and requirement depending
Taung Pyo Letwe (by land route)
].trga Khu Ya (by river route)
and reception centers rnay be increased based on
on the progress of rep atrration.
ICC-01/19-16-AnxD 16-10-2019 1/11 RH PT
3. Those who have chosen to voluntarily retum using the land route will be
received at the Reception Center in Taung Pyo Let’xe, while those who use the
waterway will be received at the Reception Center in Nga Khu Ya, respectively.
4. The retumees will be temporarily located at Hla Pho Khaung transit camp
should the villages are not ready in time., Myanmar will take all possible measures to
see that the refurnees will not be settled in temporary places for a long period of time,
and reiterates that transit camps shall not become Internally Displaced Persons (IDP)
5. The JWG will determine batch sizes for verification, batch sizes for return and
periodicify of return of batches (per week or per month) and periodically review them
based on the progress of verification and actual retum.
6. Actual brtch size for return will be agreed through mutual consultation based
on progress on verification, voiuntariness and logistical and physical facilities and
logistical affangement made for refurn.
7 . Bangladesh wiil provide whatever data it can obtain on the displaced persons
from Myarunar following the 9 October 20L6 and 25 August 2A17 aLtacks. The two
sides will then quickly engage to find out details of their residentship in Myanmar
prior to their taking shelter in Bangladesh.
8. Bangladesh side will arrange to hand over of two sets of batch for verification
to the Myanmar side, containing information or evidence, as stated in the
Arrangement on residentship of displaced Myanmar residents in Rakhine State.
Myanmar side will veri$ them following criteria and evidence or information as
agreed in the pan 6(a) of the Arrangement, preferably within fwo months.
9. Bangladesh proposed to Myanmar to receive I5,000 verified persons per week.
Initially, Myanmar shall receive, to ensure smooth and safe return, 300 retumees (150
per reception center) per day and five days per week. The number shall be increased
based on the progress of the return and shall be reviewed within three months.
10. Myanmar will provide necessary forms to be filled by the head of the family.
Family shall be the unit for verification and retum. The agreed form to be filled up by
the prospective returnees is attached as Annex.


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