Myanmar, Bangladesh express readiness to accelerate citizenship verification of Rohingya refugees

On 27 January 2022 (Thursday) the first-ever meeting of the newly formed technical level Ad hoc task force was held virtually between Myanmar and Bangladesh where Refugee Relief and Repatriation Commissioner (RRRC) Shah Rizwan Hayat and Ye Tun Oo, the deputy director-general of the Ministry of Immigration and Population of Myanmar, led their respective sides and expressed their readiness to continue working closely to address the reasons causing delay in the verification of the past residency of the displaced people in Rakhine.

Refugee Relief and Repatriation Commissioner (RRRC) Shah Rizwan Hayat highlighted Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s humanitarian gesture to give temporary shelters to the huge number of displaced people from Rakhine despite numerous constraints and challenges of Bangladesh.

RRRC expressed fright over the slow pace of verification of past residency by Myanmar and sought all cooperation under the three bilateral instruments, to accelerate the verification process, by mentioning that solving difficulties and gaps in pending verification will pave the way for the early commencement of the sustainable repatriation of the displaced people of Rakhine which also demands the creation of a conducive environment in Rakhine and confidence-building among them.

Detailing the technical difficulties and information gaps, the Myanmar delegation assured their cooperation to complete pending verification and expressed sanguinity that the Task Force would be instrumental to complete the verification process.