OIC raises $1.2 million to support Gambia at ICJ

The organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) recently secured $1.2 million for the Gambia to support the litigation at the International Court of Justice (ICJ). The Gambia who was the first country to official fill a case against Myanmar at ICJ for the Rohingya genocide has recently asked for a 5 million dollar contribution to pay for the lawyers.

The Muslim-African country, Gambia’s Justice Minister Dawda A Jallow told BSS Diplomatic Correspondent, “We need $5 million right now to pay our international lawyers and support staffs.”

He also said that the international lawyers who prosecuted the case require an instant fund to continue the legal battle.

According to OIC General Secretariat, Bangladesh, the Rohingya refugee host country appeared to be the largest contributor to the fund, giving half-a-million-dollar. Saudi Arabia disbursed $300,000, Turkey, Nigeria and Malaysia each deposited $100,000 while the remaining $100,000 came from Islamic Solidarity Fund, a special OIC fund.

Minister Jallow estimated that the eventual cost to run the legal battle was likely to be over $10 million until getting the final verdict at ICJ.