Rohingya refugees dwelling in Bangladesh refugee camps had raised funds for destitute Buddhists who were forced to leave their place of residence due to the war in Rakhine State.

Arakan Altruism Society and Educational Network alone with others managed to raise 500,000 Myanmar kyat (US$388) that was given to displaced Buddhists to pay for food and shelter.

Maung Maung Tin, a resident of the Kutupalong refugee camp, said to Radio Free Asia’s Myanmar Service, “We gave 500,000 Myanmar kyat to the war victims in Rakhine through the Rakhine State Students Union.”

Another Rohingya, Khin Maung, founder and executive director of the Rohingya Youth Association said to Anadolu Agency, “Our Buddhist neighbours helped us during that harrowing time and allowed many of us to take shelter in their homes. Now, seeing them being forced from their homes, we can feel their pain.”

Besides, Rohingyas from Sittwe and Yangon have also collected humanitarian aid for the same purpose. In early July, Rohingya Muslims in Sittwe donated 300,000 Myanmar kyat (US$233).

Since 2018, over more than 226,000 people, mostly Buddhists have been displaced across Rakhine State. The battle between the Myanmar military and the Arakan Army has further worsened the situation.