Saw Deya assaults schoolboy and alleges attempted murder for ‘not liking his lunch’

March 27, 2017

Maungdaw- The notorious tabbey of Hassu Rata, Saw Deya Oo, has severely assaulted a schoolboy and fined him for not ‘liking his lunch’.

On Thursday, Saw Deya intercepted schoolboy Faisal and told him he will be in trouble if he did not bring him lunch. Faisal discussed the matter with his father Aman Ullah and took the food to him in the afternoon.

But when Saw Deya saw the hurriedly prepared food, he flew into a rage and started beating up the boy. He then brought in Hlun Htein forces and alleged the boy was trying to poison him.

Later Aman Ullah negotiated a settlement with a payment of 700,000 kyats.

Incidentally Saw Deya and his gang have long been operating a lucrative trafficking business in the coastal village of Hassu Rata. He is known as a close aide to the security forces.

In 2015, assassins tried to kill Saw Deya, who received injuries but managed to pull through. 11911788 1469120783389175 1740195211 n