Seven arrested and tortured in Taung Bazaar


May 5, 2017

Buthidaung- Police arrested and tortured seven men from the Taung Bazar area of Buthidaung. 

On Wednesday early morning, a force numbering around 20, crept into the area through the Kur Khali neibhbourhood. They went into a house by house search and detained around seven men without any specific charges. 

Five were later released the next day. According to their testimonies, they were severely beaten up on a continuos basis and no explanation but curses were given to them. They are still in a critical condition and suffering from emotional and physical trauma due to the torture meted out to them. 

The conditions of the two others are not known but it is assumed they are also under brutal torture in custody. 

Hundreds of Rohingya prisoners have been tortured to death in recent years.