Severe water shortage in Unchiparang Rohingya Refugee camp

Since March 2021 the Rohingya refugee from Unchiparang, camp-22 are enduring hardship due to water shortage.
Unchiparang has a population of 20000 Rohingya Refugee and they face a water crisis mostly in the summer during this time of the year.

“We are getting only one bowel of water per day for one person. How we can perform our ablution for prayers or take shower” said a female resident of Unciparang.
“Oxfam is responsible for sanitation here since 2018, so Oxfam should find a solution to supply water to the whole camps,” said a male resident of Unciparang and a Rohingya blogger, Ro Koni Badsha wrote in his Facebook account, “Six litres of water supply per person is not enough per days, even not enough to use at washroom”

Mr Anise Khan, Social welfare director of Rohingya Youth Association stated,” How can people maintain their hygiene with only 2 or 3 gallons of water for each shelter per day”.

The resident of Unchiparang appeals to Oxfam to immediately address this issue.


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