United Kingdom’s former Prime Minister David Cameron (2010-2016) “For The Record” memoir was published today, where he stated that in 2013 regarding the persecution of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar, the state counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi said that the Rohingyas are “Bangladeshis”.

Cameron stated in his memoir, “The disappointment came from Burma. I had visited the long-time military dictatorship a year earlier, just after it had taken its first steps towards democracy by holding by-elections. No UK PM had visited since independence in 1948”.

“However, by the time she came to visit London in October 2013, all eyes were on her country’s Rohingya Muslims, who were being driven out of their homes by Buddhist Rakhines. There were stories of rape, murder and ethnic cleansing. The world is watching, I told her. Her reply was telling- They are not really Burmese. They are Bangladeshis.”

Eventually, Suu Kyi held multiple governmental posts but in 2016, she became the first state counsellor of Myanmar which essentially made her the de facto leader of the country. But nothing has changed for Rohingyas, the- discrimination, violence, rape, torture, murder still continues in the land where they are treated as foreigners and increasing as days goes by.