Two more girls raped and killed, as Keyari parang on the move

October 16, 2016

Two teenage girls were raped and killed by Tatmadaw personal in Maungdaw North on Friday.

Since Thursday, most of Keyari Parang has been on the run since the village tract was looted and razed to the ground. The entire village tract has been on the move since then, walking towards the Bangladesh border with 15 to 20 people in each group. The two girls were with one of these groups when the military came and grabbed them.

When onlookers protested, the military threatened to open fire.

While some of the Rohingyas left the spot quickly, the parents of the two girls waited for a long time. When they did not come in the evening, they along with some other Muslim men went to the hills where they suspected the military was holding them.

Sometime later in the hill passes, the search party discovered the mutilated bodies of the two girls.

They have been identified as Samira Begum, 19, and Rokeya Khatun, 17.

There are reports that many other women are being raped by the military as they are on the run out of the destroyed village tract of Keyari Parang. On the same day, the military killed six members of a family, mostly women and children who had stayed behind.

Villagers out of Naffura, Sommoinna and Naing Caung have also embarked on the long road, seemingly leading to nowhere. Bangladesh has sealed the border cutting off escape for the besieged Muslim community.

The Myanmar military has long been accused by rights activists of using rape as weapon of war against the country’s myriad ethnic groups.rape