Wirathu arrives in Maungdaw with state protection, visiting Rakhine villages

May 4, 2017

Anti Rohingya.transformed 

Maungdaw- U Wirathu have arrived to Maungdaw on Wednesday, according to reports in the local media.

He is scheduled to travel to Rakhine villages in the township, for which he is being given state protection.

As news of Wirhathu’s village reached Muslim settlements, there has been consternation among residents.

Wirathu is known mainly for popularising anti Muslim hate speech throughout the country.

It is expected that the firebrand monk known for his oratory speeches will further inflame anti Muslim sentiments among elements of the Rakhine community determined to wipe out Muslims from the region.

Wirathu’s visit has been welcomed by the Rakhine nationalist outfit ANP which has vowed to make donations towards his cause.

Details of Wirathu’s visit including his destination and length of stay has been withheld by the state and his entourage.