33 Rohingyas were sentenced to one year in prison for travelling without permission.

Taungup township court has sentenced 33 of the 76 Rohingyas who were arrested to one year in prison under the Immigration Act – section 6(2),(3). They were sentenced to one year in prison because they did not obtain permission to travel from one place to another.

The remaining 43 Rohingyas who are under 18 years old are held in the immigration detention centre.

On December 22, police in Taungup township arrested 77 Rohingyas in Taungup township. Moreover, one of the Rohingya was found dead in the car, according to a police officer.

Earlier on December 14, the Maungdaw Township court sentenced 109 Rohingyas to five years in prison under section 13-1 of the Immigration Act. However, the court has released another 80 Rohingyas who were under 18 years and 35 children under 10 years.

As the sea is calm, more Rohingyas are lured by human traffickers to embark on perilous journeys for Malaysia and Australia.