A young dead body was found on a bridge in Kyauktaw

Yesterday, 21 June 2022, around 2 pm, a dead body was found on the Kisspandi Bridge in Kyauktaw. The victim was a 20-year-old man wearing a sports suit and a black hat, an official from the Kyauktaw-based charity association confirmed. “It is possible to confirm the death of a person, but we have not been able to go to pick up the body yet since there are a lot of soldiers in the city and the situation is very complicated. So the details of his whereabouts and who he is are not yet known,” he said.

On the evening of 20 June 2022, three policemen from Kyauktaw police station were arrested by the Arakan Army (AA), and the next day, the Myanmar military raided the homes of civilians in downtown Kyauktaw. Dozens of people were reportedly arrested in the process.

“At present, schools and markets are closed in Kyauktaw, and the town is quiet due to the lack of traffic,” said a local resident.

Many Rakhines think the military has slain the victim.


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