On 24 June, around 4:25 pm two Rohingya girls were hit by a passenger vehicle locally known as Maindara on the road of the camp-13, Kutupalong.

Maindara (Mahindra) is a small vehicle carrying passengers inside the camp.

The injured girls are, Nur Solima, daughter of Muhammad Husson, 8 years old residing in camp-3, block DD-15 and Asma Bibi, daughter of Roshidullah, 10 years old residing in camp-3, block DD-11.

The driver was caught by the camp’s leader of camp-3 and then had been taken to the police station. Currently, the vehicle is at the police station. However, the driver was released according to an eye witness.

Nur Solima was seriously injured. Initially, she was taken to IOM hospital of the Kutupalong, but as her situation severely deteriorated, she was transferred to Cox’s Bazar’s hospital.

Currently Nur Solima is struggling for life.