APBn campaigns against Gender-Based Violence around the camp

Today at around 11 AM the Action Battalion Police organised a campaign against Gender-Based Violence (GBV) and Domestic Violence (DV) around the Kutupalong camp of Ukhiya.

Gender-based violence and domestic violence cases are mostly seen more than other cases and so the campaign under the slogan ‘Stop Gender-Based Violence’ has been organized to make aware the refugees against GBV and DV, according to a APBn official.

Hamid a refugee from the Kutupalong camp told the Rohingya Khobor that when they were in Myanmar, they were unaware of GBV. Now they have gained some knowledge on GBV. Now they are trying to maintain or follow the core principles of GBV as a variety of NGOs are providing them training on it.

Rohingya Khobor has conducted several Gender-based violence last year in creating awareness on the subject.


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