ASEAN must take steps to protect the Rohingya minority apart from its five steps

ASEAN’s Five-Point steps is not enough to bring justice for the Rohingya people. According to observers, the regional bloc should increase its efforts further and must include Rohingya ethnic rights and the Rohingya repatriation to their homeland.

Tun Khin, President of London-based Burmese Rohingya Organisation UK said,
“It is the very smallest thing they can do. ASEAN should not invite the military or people from military-controlled ministries to any ASEAN meeting. No one in Myanmar thought the Five-Point Consensus would bring about any positive results and six months on, it has been proven right.”

Khin also added that “This move by ASEAN is unprecedented and will have sent shockwaves through the junta, but ASEAN can and must go further. “

On 15th October, Foreign ministers from ASEAN agreed at an emergency meeting to exclude Myanmar from the upcoming 26-28th October summits and to only invite a non-political representative from the country.

The meeting also turned down the request by Myanmar’s shadow government, the National Unity Government (NUG) to join the summits.

ASEAN has appointed Brunei Foreign Minister Erywan Mohd Yusof as a special envoy to Myanmar as stated in the Five-Point Consensus but he has not been able to play his role because of the junta’s refusal to cooperate.


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