The United Nations’ highest tribunal is to deliver its decision on whether provisional measures are required to prevent Myanmar conducting genocide against its Rohingya Muslim minority.

Today, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) is going to announce its verdict on the provisional measurement against Myanmar following a three day hearing in The Hague last year. The hearing will be broadcast live on the ICJ website.

The case was brought by the Gambia, a predominantly Muslim west African state that alleges Myanmar has committed genocide and It argues that the violence is continuing.

With this regard a Rohingya, Mohammed-Ullah  from Balukhali camp thinks, there is no way Myanmar can win against Gambia as Aung San Suu Kyi couldn’t hide the fact that genocidal campaign did took place in August 2017. He also thanked Gambia, for standing beside them when Rohingya had no help and nowhere to go to seek justice. He believes the world court will give them justice and they can return to their homeland peacefully.

Also another Rohingya from the camp, wants to tell the world that, if Gambia didn’t come forward to file a case against Myanmar than the government would have continously delayed the repatriation process for many years and would have not made any condition to safe return. But as the Gambia filed a case against Myanmar so within four months of duration they have to come up relatively with a positive response. The Rohingyas believe they can go to their home sooner.