Increased military activity around mass grave areas

February 4, 2018


There is increased military activity in Gudam Para of Southern Buthidaung where AP has confirmed the existence of at least five mass graves.

The military reached the spot hours after the AP report was published on Thursday. Since then, many Rakhine men in civilian clothes have been seen on the spot carrying shovels and other equipments.

Current information is difficult to get from Gudam Para as much of the village has been deserted after military operations wiped out the village on August 27. The few Rohinga families currently residing there have been cowed to silence.

Sources from other villages are saying that it is feared the army might blame the remaining villagers of Gudam Para for leaking the news of the mass graves. However news of the mass graves was given by those who had sneaked into Gudam Para to look for missing family members in early September  and they are currently now in Bangladesh.

In spite of clear evidence, the government has denied the existence of mass graves in Gudam Para.

Rohingyas in the village were machine gunned on August 27 and in the aftermath Mogh vigilantes cut off the throats of those who lay injured. Hundreds, including children and women were killed when the military ambushed the village without any warning.