On last Wednesday 24 June 2020, Arakan Army (AA) seized an unmanned drone in Kyeinthar village, Ratheduang. The AA has also captured three chaps who came in search for the drone who were sons of military personnel from the Rathedaung-based Light Infantry Battalion 536. According to the AA website, the apprehended are:

(1) Maung Kyaw Thura (24 years)
Father – Sergeant Aye Kyaw ( LIB 536)

(2) Maung Nay San Oo (23 years)
Father – Sergeant Migrant (LIB 536)

(3) Maung Moe Hein San (20 years)
Father – Brigadier General Thein Thein (LIB 536)

Skylark I-LEX is a new generation, man-portable, electric-propelled, mini unmanned aircraft system (UAS) manufactured by Elbit Systems. It is used in a variety of military applications such as organic beyond-the-next-hill reconnaissance, covert aerial intelligence, force protection, surveillance of coastal areas and borders and counter-insurgency.

It is interesting how Myanmar being struggling economically, have access to the latest warfare technology.