Malaysia rescues and shelters 269 Rohingya refugees

Yesterday, 269 Rohingya refugees have been rescued who came through the sea to Langkawi island, Malaysia. According to the Malaysian marine officials, 53 jumped overboard and began swimming to the island as soon as the vessel reached the shore. The rest 216 were detained from the boat and a dead body of a Rohingya woman was found too.

“Nine (crew members) fled after the boat entered Malaysia,” the Malaysian security source added. “The boat is believed to have carried 500 Rohingya when it departed Bangladesh but only 269 were found.” It is believed that the boat set sail from Cox’s Bazar in February 2020.

The refugees were fed and given drinking water and placed in a temporary detention facility, while the dead body has been handed over to the police for investigation.

RFA has reported while referring to Defense Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob that Since May 1, authorities have prevented 22 boats from entering the country illegally.

Save the Children, has also compiled a shocking testimonies of the rescued Rohingya people.