Myanmar military blocks two Rakhine villages, creating a food shortage

Since 25th November, the Myanmar military took hold the Yawchaung bridge which connects Ywatharyar and Chonchaung villages which is causing food shortages for 500 people living in two sealed-off villages as fighting rages on in Rakhine state.

Myanmar military is also closely monitoring all traffic on the bridge which villagers must cross to travel to other nearby villages.

“We cannot go anywhere. They have blocked off access to the village. Over 500 people from our village and Chonchaung village have been blockaded for a month since November 25,” the villager said according to Mizzima reporting.

The faith of the Rohingyas living inside the Rakhine state has worsened. They do not have any access to work nor can move to anywhere.

In Rathidaung and Buthidaung, while the fighting between the Arakan Army and Myanmar military is ongoing, Rohingyas are forced to flee and become an internally displaced person (IDP) without any support what so ever.