On Tuesday, the Japanese Ambassador to Bangladesh Hiroyasu Izumi has said, the Rohingya issue is not a segregated circumstance but is rather deeply rooted in the growing trend of nationalist politics.

On his farewell reception speech, he clearly stated that “It goes without saying the Rohingyas are also victims of prevailing egocentric nationalism or populism”

“I deeply appreciate the Bangladesh government’s humanitarian response to the crisis. Bangladesh never built a fence on the border to block the Rohingyas, or never forcibly sent them back to the country where they came from, but on the contrary, willingly shared food with them and has tried to solve this difficult situation through diplomatic negotiations in a peaceful manner.” he added.

“Of course, I believe the world can never be a jungle. Our civilized world must find a sustainable solution to bring justice to Rohingyas,” Ambassador Izumi said.

During his two year time period, he saw the emerge of the Rohingya crisis and visited Refugee camps more than ten times.

The Japanese envoy recalled that he had an opportunity to join a diplomatic tour to Cox’s Bazar Rohingya camp just three days after his arrival in Bangladesh, “It was a rainy day and the camp was so muddy, and the paintings that children drew were only in red, grey and black colours.” Overcoming the barriers Rohingya children’s “drawings are now full of rainbow colours.” Izumi added.